Choosing the Best Classroom Supplies

It's finally time for kids to get back to school even if it isn't back to "normal", and that means teachers are stocking up on supplies for the classroom. And, with so many children remote learning and homeschooling, it isn't just traditional classrooms that need supplies. Now more than ever it is important to create a positive atmosphere where kids can feel safe and surrounded by positivity. This is a great way to keep them focused and allow them to take in the information educators are giving them. Establishing an encouraging and creative atmosphere for children to feel comfortable and open to learning can be the key to engaging students. 

Wipe away chalkboard wall

Children's Graffiti Teaching Early Education Creative Wall. This wall comes in black or whiteboard. The idea is to create a visual space in the classroom for students to write what makes them happy or something that they are grateful for. Let them be creative when it is their turn to write and revisit the wall every week. Since this is a PVC removable sticker meaning that you can add a creative space anywhere in the classroom. This wall is also great for art, math problems... there are a million things you can do with it. You could even use it in a home office. The best part is, you can remove it at the end of the year! 

Frontiers in Psychology, research shows that there is a correlation between music and other brain functions including language and comprehension skills. Music education also offers the benefit of stronger auditory processing and comprehension.  You can encourage students to make music, write songs, and bring something they thought of to life. One of the awesome items we love to have in the classroom is the roll-up piano with 49 keys. This folding electronic keyboard is made from silicone so it is easy to clean and store.

Early education providers and parents of young remote-learning students will appreciate Interactive Phonics Coloring Practice Workbooks which focus on reading comprehension. Focused interactive notebooks, workbooks, wipe-off activity books for multiple uses, and even coloring books are great tools for kids to start to develop strategies that help them focus on the important parts and understand what they are reading. We also carry a set of 10 phonics fairy tale books with pictures. Readers with strong comprehension skills are able to combine thinking and reading in order to draw conclusions about what it is they are reading. Some signs that a child may need to work on their comprehension skills include a weak vocabulary, not picking up key facts in what they are reading, the inability to summarize what they have read, and being able to tell the ending but not able to tell how the ending occurred. 

You will find that our simple-to-navigate product list keeps growing because we are constantly on the search for classroom supplies that teachers and homeschoolers will love! If you have ideas for products to include, we would love to hear from you! 

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